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Professional Water Handling

PE2-PA WIRED (Up to 50°C)
6” / 7” / 8” / 10”

Pe2 Pa Motors
  • High quality PE2+PA WINDING WIRES
  • High performance up to 50°C ambient temperature (70°C opt.)
  • Longer life then standard motors
  • High resistance against voltage fluctuation
  • Gives more safety factor then standard motors
  • High efficiency provides operation cost savings
  • Can be operated horizontally

Winding with PE2+PA wires, the Tork High Temperatured Submersible Motors provides high performance compared to the other submersible motors. The Tork Submersible Motors can reach much very higher powers than the other Deep Well Submersible Motors. Our motors also demonstrate excellent performance at well water of 50 ºC.


PE2-PA Wired Submersible Motor Parts & Materials

pe2 pa motors exploded view
No Part Name Material
1 Stator
1a Winding Wire PE2 / PA
1b Stator Package M350 / Magnetic Seal
1c Stator Shell Stainless Steel (AISI 304)
2 Rotor
2a Shaft Sleeve Steel (St 37/ Coated CrNi)
2b Balance Ring Steel (St 37)
2c Copper Ring Copper (Cu)
3 Radial Bearing Carbon
4 Upper Bearing Body Cast Iron (GG20-22)
5 Bushing Bronze
6 Slinger (Sand Guard) NBR EPDM
7 Hexagon Socket Cap Screws Stainless Steel
8 Copper Ring Copper (Cu)
9 Cover Seal Stainless Steel (AISI 420)
10 Mechanical Seal Ceramic Carbon
11 Axial Thrust Bearing Key Stainless Steel (AISI 420)
12 Axial Thrust Bearing Carbon With Antimony
13 Retaining Ring Steel (St 37)
14 Tie Rod Stainless Steel
15 Lower Bearing Body Cast Iron (GG20-22)
16 Thrust Bearing Support Cast Iron (GG20-22)
17 Ball Holder Steel (St 37/ Coated Cr+3)
18 Thrust Bearing Ball Stainless Steel
19 Tilting Pads Stainless Steel (AISI 420)
20 O-ring NBR 70
21 Thrust Bearing Body Cast Iron (GG20)
22 Copper Ring Copper (Cu)
23 Nut Stainless Steel
24 Screw (Thrust Bearing Base) Stainless Steel
25 Membrane NBR-EPDM
26 Membrane Body Cast Iron (GG22)
27 Hexagon Socket Cap Screws Stainless Steel
28 Check-Valve Bronze
29 O-ring NBR 70
30 Cable Seal NBR
31 Seal Cover Stainless Steel (AISI 304)
32 Nut Stainless Steel
33 Plush (r 3/8″) Bronze
34 Ball Holder Pins Stainless Steel


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