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Vertical and Undulating Terrains Irrigation

Vertical and undulating terrains which cannot irrigated with the surface irrigation methods can irrigated with the sprinkler irrigation system without requiring any leveling.

Land Leveling is Not Required

During the sprinkler irrigation there is no need to detailed land leveling. In some cases, a slight leveling can be useful to effective functioning of the system. On the other hand, surface irrigation has required intensive land leveling. During the leveling, fertile topsoil moves as a result of cutting and filling works, so the yield of production significantly decreases.

Increase Water Efficiency

With the sprinkler irrigation there is no leakage to deep and no loss of water during the using irrigation water to the field. So using water efficiency increases. Accordingly, with the system especially in the areas where the irrigation water is insufficient is provided to irrigate large areas.

Enables Continuously Salt Washing in the Soils

Accumulated salts in the soil profile can be washed effectively with the system of sprinkler irrigation. The water which is applied at the low sprinkling speed washes more salt than the other classic ponding methods. Also there is no need to embankment providing ponding of water and it is possible to wash the salt at sloping lands.

Doesn’t Create Danger of Erosion

Surface irrigation methods lead to serious erosion problems at high oblique cultivated areas. And it is also faced numerous challenges during erosion control. Sprinkler irrigation can be applied with success in the qualified areas without creating erosion problems.

Doesn’t Required Special Training

Surface irrigation systems are required well educated irrigation masters, but the sprinkler irrigation systems are not required well educated irrigation masters during the process of installation, operation and reveling.

Provides Full Production at the First Year

The efficiency of the yields reaches the previous level after many years later with the surface irrigation systems. And they are required medium and heavy leveling. But the sprinkler irrigation systems are not required any leveling, and from the first year full production is provided.

Provides Less and Uniform Water Applications

Sprinkler is the most suitable method that is used for germination, diluting and displacements of seeds. In this method, water is applied constantly and in small quantities. This qualified water treatment has a great importance about the production of small-seeded plants such as clover and sugar beet. Also, germination difficulties seen especially in the Cukurova region because of drought are removed with the sprinkler irrigation system.

Enables More Land Cultivation

Irrigation canals and flumes are not necessary at the sprinkler irrigation system. Since cultivated lands increase, there is an increase in productions. Also the problems such as weed cleaning and spread of weeds aren’t arise at the channels.

Enables Fertilization with the Irrigation Water

Fusible fertilizers can be given to plants with the irrigation waters without requiring a second cost.

Protects Plants from Frost and Hot

Vegetables, citrus fruits, vineyards and the other orchards can be protected easily and safely from the frost that is seen in winter and in spring. Also, the drying that is seen in some parts of our country from time to time can be protected with our sprinkler irrigation system.

Doesn’t Create Drainage Problems

With the sparkling, water can be controlled, so there is a possibility slight watering. Thus, in the areas where have a drainage problem, the increases of the ground water level and loss of water at sandy and gravelly soils are prevented.

Enables Smooth Functioning during Agricultural Operations

Sprinkler irrigation system ensures flexibility and reduces the number of operations. Also there are no needs any operations such as furrow opening.

Make Easier the Soil Preparation

The temper water that is required for sowing and planting is carried out with our Irrigation System.

Makes Easier the Process of Land Equipment’s

In the sprinkler irrigation systems there are no obstacles to make difficult the land equipment’s’ works.

Irrigation can be done in Exposed Soil

Sprinkler irrigation is the most convenient method in the exposed soils which are not suitable for leveling.

Prevents Accumulation of Salts at Leaves

Especially in the areas close to the sea, the salt particles at the leaves which are carried by the wind and the accumulated dust at the leaves can be easily washed without damaging plants.

Minimizes Irrigation Works

Sprinkler irrigation system cannot be compared with the other surface irrigation system in terms of the labor savings.



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