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We Folded Our Strength!

We Folded Our Strength!

Our standard PE2/PA wired motors became stronger.

Thanks to this advanced  wire insulation technology that improves motor performance as well, the ambient temperature of our motors increased from 30°C to 50°C. Tork has decided to use this wire for all submersible motors as standard. We supply special motors that can resist up to 70C ambient temperature as option.

What is PE2-PA?

Tork deep well submersible motors get their power from the PE2+PA winding wire. PE2+PA wire, consisting of a single copper conductor, has a very high insulation resistance. PE2 (Polyethylene) provides
electrical insulation and PA (Polyamide) provides mechanical protection. Increased heat resistance is achieved by cross-linking of polyethylene. In this way, Tork submersible motors offers superior performance at high
voltage and temperatures up to 50°C. At the same time it ensures trouble-free operation and a long service life of the motors for many years.



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